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So How Does A VoIP System Work Anyway?

Much like photography confounds many third world tribes, many business owners can be left feeling befuddled, regarding what a small business VoIP phone system is, how it works and why it may be important for them to consider. But just a little understanding can go a long way in utilizing a VoIP system to its full advantage.

Simply put, analog messages – or voice phone calls – are converted by a voice over IP system into what could be referred to as data packets. These digital packets travel, much like an email, through your private Internet Protocol network. A VoIP system allows you to make computer-to-computer phone calls or to utilize either landlines and cell phones with making and receiving phone calls. With the basic landline phone an adapter is required to change the analog signal to a digital one. These systems also allow you to make calls within the communications system from alternate locations when needed and allow access to your data network  by combining two networks into one. A fully utilized small business IP phone system can help save money and allow your business more collaboration and flexibility.

With YourSIP Telecom,we fully customize your small business VoIP phone system to fit the needs of your business. We are here to help you wade through the murky waters of IP technology and simply present the best, most affordable options for your small business. Whether you choose one of our basic plans or need a more customized one, YourSIP Telecom makes setup and implementation easy and convenient. Plus we guarantee that you will save 30 percent with us rather than our competitors. Give us a call at 866-334-8200.

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