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Our Small Business Phone Systems are Easy to Interpret

What most business owners want for their telecommunications, are all the features without the extra costs. That’s where our Asterisk SIP Protocol comes into play. We don’t have to charge for additional features, largely due to this particular asset. Your PBX lines can run on an open source system, such as the Asterisk SIP Protocol. It fully integrates bonus-features without all the extra cost. The reason for this is due to the fact that there isn’t much overhead with this protocol, so we pass the savings onto our clients.

You can upgrade your small business phone systems in a matter of no time at all, fully equipping your business with everything it’ll need to stay “incommunicado” with its customers, potential customers, and fellow staff members. We are cheaper than most other VOIP providers because we keep our overhead very low, furthering the amount of savings we pass onto our customers.

We are the very definition of an “evolving VOIP company.” We know just how confusing and misinterpreting phone bills can be for small businesses, which is why we’ve made it our business to change the way our industry does business. Instead of getting a quoted price that is subject to change, you’ll be getting a flat-line price that will only change if you exceed your limitations. There won’t be a bunch of miscellaneous, incomprehensible, and confusing fees, charges, and taxes on your bill! Finally, if you’re tired of your provider and their lack of communication with you, you’ll be ecstatic about our 24/7 technical support line!


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