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How to Choose the Right Small Business Phone System

Small business phone systems have come a long way. Because of the advances in technology, the same features that once were available to only the biggest companies are now utilized in even the smallest systems. In fact, there are so many new companies that are able to offer business IP phone systems, that it can be difficult to know, not only what features would be best for a growing company, but what provider is the right choice. As with any business decision, research and education is key in making the right choice. Follow these basic steps for choosing the best small business phone system for your organization:

1. Assess what is, and what is not, working for you now. What issues are you experiencing with your current system? Is it simply the expense? Is all the equipment the same throughout the office? Is communication tracking simple? Does your staff complain about certain functions? A full analysis of your existing system will allow you to identify your needs and desires for your updated VoIP system.

2. After this assessment, consult with several SIP providers to gauge which features will address the above issues and help to solve any problems. Any firm should be able to come up with a number of features, both standard or add-on that they would recommend for your particular needs.

3. After narrowing down to your overall choice based on features and budgetary factors, ask for a sample. Take the system for a test drive before committing to purchase in order to further analyze the system of choice. Involve both your staff and your IT manager in order to gain their perspectives as far as ease of use and system integration. Also check customer references for any issues that they have experienced further down the road.

If you have any questions regarding your small business phone system call Your SIP Telecom, we’d be happy to walk you through the various features and offers available on any one of our plans. Call us at 866-334-8200

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