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Highly Advantageous Phone Systems for Small Businesses

We know there are a ton of options of phone systems for you to choose from these days, but only with us, will you get a phone system for small businesses that will work directly and indirectly with your particular needs. Whether your needs are external or internal, we’ve got you covered with a number of different products. Not only that, we have tons of phone-based products that are affordably reasonable. Plus, they are all top-of-the-line in technology, functions, and capabilities.

One of our most popular phone systems for small businesses is our Grandstream GXP1450 Enterprise. This amazing VOIP machine has 2 dual-color line keys, which can take up to 2 call appearances and 2 SIP accounts simultaneously. Additionally, its 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys allow for far better comfort and easier touches, not to mention its 3-way conference ability. The personalizations that can be applied to this small business phone system are truly wonderful, as you can personalize the ring tone and the ring back tone. The screen content and XML format can both be customized as well. With an extremely large call history and large phonebook of up to 500 records and contacts, this remains to be one of the most desired phone systems of its kind.

Just think of all the amazing information you’ll be able to understand, retain, and save with a VOIP system such as this. Your small business will have more than enough technology to suit any of its specific needs and then some!



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