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Affordable Small Business VOIP Phone Systems – Hosted Plans

By just taking a look at our hosted plans, we bet you’ll be more than impressed with what you get for the price. Instead of having to put up with a company that treats your small business like it doesn’t matter, you can join with us. We encourage you to sign up with us and get the due attention you deserve. Small businesses are the landmark of our country and we want to help them communicate with internal and external sources at a far easier level than ever before. With our Business Pro package, your business will get everything it’ll need to stay in-communication with every source it needs to and then some!

We are the very definition of an evolutionary company, as we are always changing to adapt to the rising demands of small businesses. Since technology is driving innovations and inventions these days, communication is one of the most important necessities. By retaining the services of our beloved company, you’ll be retaining the services of a company that’ll believe in your business and wants only the best. We’ll give you the small business VOIP phone system that will light up your business with clear communications.

By purchasing our Business Pro package, you’ll get toll free, local, and vanity numbers for both fax and voice. Guess what, you’ll also be able to keep your existing phone numbers for free. Both shared lines and call queues are implemented into this package, as they should be. When you sign up for 2 or more users, you’ll get implementation advisors for free.



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